Get Back to Basics

When you read the title of this week's article, what came to mind? Did the phrase "Getting Back to Basics" mean, as it does for some, that you are going to move out into the country, give up modern conveniences, and live like it is the early 1900's?

That's not quite what I meant. I mean that you should look at the things that are giving you pains and frustration in your life and take them back to their roots.

This is an important subject that you can apply to every facet of your life, and is a subject that crosses all bounds. Yet, this simple concept eludes most people every day of their lives.

Every problem, whether it be health difficulties, financial challenges, or personal conflicts, can be traced back to basic elements, and when those are addressed, the more complex problem will be solved.

Here's a quick example: Math was never my strongest subject in school. It was a subject I struggled with until a very smart teacher explained to me that, regardless of how advanced the problem was that I was trying to solve, each one of those problems would always come back to basic adding and subtracting.

Multiplication is just adding repeatedly. Division is just subtracting repeatedly. Finding "x" in algebra, which was killing me at the time, is simple if you remember that what you add or subtract on one side, you have to do the same to the other side--it just a process of elimination.

Formulas and functions may get more complex but they will always involve some form of adding and subtracting. Those are the roots, the fundamentals, the basics of all mathematics.

You can apply the same principles to every part of your life. Is there something not going the way you would like? Get back to basics. Are you not feeling good or are you overweight? Eat right, drink water, exercise regularly, and get restful sleep. Those are the fundamentals of good health. In other words, you will need to add healthy foods, water, sleep, and exercise, and subtract bad foods, sugary drinks, inactivity, etc. from your lifestyle.

Do you want more money, but your job does not pay you enough?The world provides unlimited ways to make money, you just need to subtract from your mindset the harmful belief that money is hard to get; then, you begin to add the perspective that you have in-demand skills and talents that command payment for your services. So, beyond your current job, which you may or may not choose to keep, there are many hours in the day to independently offer your services to others. Those are the fundamentals.

Having a harder time than you think you should be? Take a look at your life and see what fundamentals are missing. Break everything down to the basics and then focus on what you need to do differently. It will always involve you adding and subtracting thoughts and behavior patterns!

Friends, don't make your life more difficult than it has to be, remember your basics and you will always bring your A-Game.

On this Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter Sunday, your divine duty and responsibility is to rise up above any life challenge you ever experience. Today is about your celebration of grace that is sufficient for you to live life with a sense of renewal, restoration, and empowerment to joyfully fulfill your life's purpose. God loves you and so do I!

My challenge for you this week:

Walk in confidence.

  1. Read this article for the next six days to reset your mindset.

  2. Make a list of the challenges you are experiencing.

  3. For each challenge, write down your thoughts that see you as 'less than' capable of winning against the challenge.

  4. Now, next to the above thoughts, write down the positive thoughts and behaviors you will engage yourself in to ensure your winning against the challenge.

Remember, the above challenge involves your addition and subtraction of thoughts and behaviors. It's basic!

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