Be What You Want to Become

I am always amazed at some of the places that inspiration can come from. I was recently reading a book about the FBI's Behavioral Science Department. What caught my attention took place in an interview they were conducting with one of America's most successful serial killer, Edmund Kemper.

In the interview, Kemper asserted that he could convince any doctor that he had any mental disorder. The secret he said, " have to live it. You have got to think and act like that is the way you are even when you are by yourself. That way it becomes a part of you."

May sound a little crazy, but that isn't a lot different than what I teach about bringing your A-Game to everything you do. You can't do it just sometimes. You can't do it just when people are watching. You have got to walk the walk and talk the talk all the time. You have got to think it, act it, and live it every second of every day.

You have got to make that "can do" attitude a part of yourself, not some role you play trying to impress your boss, or some act you put on trying to make the world think you've got your life together. You have got to become the person you want other people to believe that you are.

You may not feel it at first. You may feel like you're lying to yourself and those around you. But remember, it's only a lie if you're pretending to be what you do not intend to be, so I prefer to think of it as you're giving them a "preview" of things to come.

If you act it all the time you will become it. If you act like a health nut, eat right, and get your exercise, even when no one is around, you will become a health nut in reality. You practice calm and patient tolerance, whether you are in public or at home by yourself, and you will slowly become that calm, patient, tolerant person you want to be.

It won't happen fast, and it won't always be easy, but it will happen with time. If you slip, step back, correct yourself softly, and get back on track. It is up to you to create the "you" that you want to be, and to be what you want to become.

My challenge for you this week:

Consistently demonstrate who you are by taking action with the following steps:

  1. Take some time this week to consider the type of person you would most like to be.

  • How would they act?

  • How would they think?

  1. Make a list of the attributes you most want to emulate, and then dedicate yourself to becoming that person.

  2. Every day act out the attributes.

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