Take One Step at a Time!

Don't be in too big a hurry to change.

Yes, you read that right, and No, I have not lost my mind or gone through some kind of personality change.

I'm still the same guy telling you to work to develop a plan, to find help where you need it, and to never give up on the pursuit of your dreams. I'm still the same guy who tells you to fight for what you believe in, to cast away those who are toxic to you, and that work is the secret behind all success.

What I am saying is that once you identify what your dreams are and set out on a serious pursuit of making them happen, it's all too easy to become a martyr to the dreams of other people. Oftentimes, this martyrdom scenario will put good people in the bad position of not living out the actions necessary to achieve their dreams.

Fortunately, I have experienced this scenario, but without the luxury of breaking ties with all my commitments-family, work, church, etc. So, the advice that "sometimes you have to step back" didn't work for me. Frankly, that advice scares me because it gives folks the permission to move too slow toward correcting their life course.

So, I offer my approach:

Armed with your dreams and the potential steps necessary to get there, review your weekly routine for time snatchers that are honestly not necessary. Discontinue these time snatchers by either stop doing them or delegate them to someone else. You will be floored by the amount of time you will get back to use toward your dreams and goals. But, you must be brutally honest in your identification of time snatchers. My workshops become very heated when I push people to realize that most time snatchers are connected to an unstructured approach to family and work.

Now, in the spirit of "keeping it moving", let's return to your grand dream. It is better to identify and take consistent action on one milestone goal at a time than to become overwhelmed by trying to tackle your dream as one giant step. Then when you have accomplished that goal move on to the next milestone goal.

It is important to have a grand dream but it is just as important to make sure that the steps you need to take are done in the way that gives you the best chance of success. Persistent small steps forward are better than the common trend of no movement accompanied by a losing of sight of your goals.

Think about what you want to accomplish in your life, then break it down into the steps that you need to take. Be sure that you are not sabotaging your own success by doing too many inconsistent things, while moving much too fast. When you take it one step at a time, you will see your A-Game come to reality and you'll get where you want to go in life.

My challenge for you this week:

Constantly search for time snatchers and take the steps necessary to eliminate them:

  1. Start keeping an appointment book to record all your activities, both personal and professional.

  2. At the conclusion of each day, week, and month, review your use of time. Identify and track hours spent on things that are time snatchers versus things that advance your personal goals.

  3. Make a commitment to stay conscious of time snatchers and start managing them off your schedule.

  4. Take action to use your old wasted time in goal-advancing activities.

Every day of your life can be time allotted to advance your dreams or to drift far, far away from your dreams. What happens to your dreams is totally your choice!

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