One More Stride!

In last week's challenge, we talked about the importance of prioritizing all the little "milestone" goals that make up your journey toward reaching the ultimate desires of your life. We discussed how that sometimes it is better to wait on your "grand dream" and take one step at a time so that you can improve your odds of achieving the next.

This week we discuss the same idea but for an entirely different reason. Those reasons are: motivation and willpower.

A good friend shared with me a story about when he first entered the Army. His drill instructor taught him a lesson that he credits to making it possible for him to achieve great things in his life.

He told me that when they were on their first long run he was completely fatigued and didn't think he would ever make it to the end. He ran until he fell to the ground. His drill instructor picked him up and urged him on. He then told the sergeant that he couldn't make it back to camp.

(Here is the good part)

The drill instructor told him, "You don't have to make it back to camp. You see that tree up ahead. All you have got to do is make it to that tree." When they reached the tree, the sergeant asked him, "Do you see that signpost? It's not far. Just make it to that signpost."

Long story short, he finished the run. He never knew why the sergeant took so much interest in him that day, but the lesson he learned has stayed with him for over 30 years.

If you look too far ahead, it can seem like too much to hope for, too far to go. But, you don't have to reach for the end. You just have to reach the next signpost, the next tree, the next marker along the way.

Sometimes, when the going really gets tough, you just have to be content with taking one more stride. Just picking that foot up one more time is an achievement that will take you one more step to reaching your long-term goal.

Yes, it is important to have a long-term goal, but it can be discouraging sometimes when it seems too far away to reach.

When things get hard, focus on something more immediate and celebrate those small achievements. It will help you keep your spirits up and remind you that you are making progress!

My challenge for you this week:

Position yourself to take strides forward.

  1. Identify your most important goal (from last week's challenge).

  2. Break that goal down into its most important steps.

  3. Immediately begin to set your sites on reaching the first "important step." It's your first target!

  4. Decide upon a reward for yourself once the first step is achieved.

  5. Move to the next step as your target!!

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