What Is There to Be Afraid Of?

Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite quotes:

"Success is only temporary. Failure isn't fatal. It is courage that counts."

I wish I could tell you who said this, but it has been attributed to various sources ranging from Winston Churchill to a Budweiser commercial. Regardless of where it originated, there is a lot of truth to be learned in these three little sentences.

Let's break it down:

"Success is only temporary."

I have had the pleasure of knowing many successful people. Some of these were successful by the world's standards, some by their own. They all share certain traits, one of those being that they rarely consider themselves a success. They will admit to having some success but not one of them is ever satisfied with what they have achieved. They always want to do more, go farther, reach higher.

They may choose to change the arenas of their work, but they are not capable of sitting idle and just being satisfied. No sooner than they reach one goal, than they have to find a new challenge to keep them driving ahead.

"Failure isn't fatal."

I have to qualify this by saying that this only holds true if you're not a surgeon, professional skydiver, or in some similar field. For the rest of us, failure holds nothing more threatening than the chance to learn and grow. No one is going to die if we fail. We may feel a little embarrassed and even experience some self-doubt, but no blood is going to be shed.

"It is courage that counts."

This is the heart of everything I teach and preach. Fear is the little thief that steals from you every hope and dream you may ever have. It is the liar that whispers in your ear telling you can't.

Courage is the will, the faith, the heart that allows you to try, despite your doubts.

Throughout my books and website, you will find advice on how to plan for success, how to overcome obstacles, how to give yourself the best opportunities to succeed, but they are all completely useless if you lack the courage to try.

My challenge for you this week:

Discover a seed of courage that can grow into your success.

  1. What are you afraid of that is holding you back?

  2. Commit to building a “courage strategy” to eliminate or control your identified fear.

  3. Write down an “alter-ego” you will become whenever your fear confronts you. This can be a role model or superhero who you will act like. It can be a powerful statement that you will recite to put you into a courageous mindset.

  4. Practice, practice, practice switching into your courageous and unstoppable self.

  5. Never, again, allow yourself to be placed on hold by fear.

So this week, remember: "Success is only temporary. Failure isn't fatal. It is courage that counts!"

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