Are You Taking Your Daily Dose?

At one of my recent seminars, I overheard a conversation that questioned the value of what I do. Since embarrassing people is not my way, I won't say where this was or the name of the group I was speaking to; however, I will give you the one question that deserved a quality response:

"Why do you attract so many people to your seminars,

particularly folks who have already heard some version of your content from either yourself or other speakers? The motivation you provide must not last very long!"

The young man who was asking this question had a very good point. Motivation does not last, but to paraphrase the late great Zig Ziglar, neither does a bath, and that is why you need it every day.

To keep pushing on, to keep moving forward, and to keep conquering the challenges that life will put in front of you, you have to constantly renew your motivation.

In order to stay motivated, you have to...

  • Review the reasons why you want to fight for a more fulfilling life.

  • Constantly be on the look-out for reasons to hold your head up;

and, most importantly,

  • Surround yourself with those people and things that will renew your motivation on a daily basis and will keep you focused on the positive.

That is why...

I tell people over and over again that you will never become any greater than the people you associate with. If you have toxic people in your life, drop them like a hot rock and find some positive influences to bring into your life.

I always recommend that you print quotes that inspire you and place them where they can be seen as often as possible.

I stress the importance of reading and studying the works of people whose accomplishments you would like to emulate.

It is hard to stay motivated!

The effort required to be successful is enormous and must be sustained over a long stretch of time. A daily regimen makes it possible to sustain this effort but is often viewed as less than glamorous.

This is why it's hard to stay positive and stay focused; but, just like a car battery, if you don't continually keep it charging up, your power will continuously drain making it harder to start each time.

My challenge for you this week:

  1. Make a list of those positive influences that keep you motivated.

  2. Make a list of those negative people or experiences that drain your battery.

  3. Ask yourself how you can bring the positive things to the forefront of your life and eliminate the negative ones.

  4. Make it a life goal to consciously and relentlessly manage the positive and negative influencers. Don't compromise!

To keep bringing your A-Game day after day takes a daily dose of motivation, and then some. Be sure you stay full!

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