It's Not What You Get That Matters

In this week's article, I want to touch on a fundamental attitude problem that causes many people to get in the way of their own success. The idea is that getting stuff means success. People tend to use objects as their measurement of worth and progress in life, and I'm here to tell you that doing so puts you on the road to destruction!

If you want to be a true success, if you want real happiness, if you want to be a true achiever and see what bringing your A-Game can do for your life, then you need to forget about "stuff". Being a winner isn't about getting and accumulating material things. It is about having a higher consciousness, which leads to a lifetime of sharing your gifts and talents in a positive, high-impact manner.

Real winners don't have time to worry about collecting useless objects. They are too busy becoming something great. My everyday mission is to be a person of great significance to others and if material things don't help to advance that goal, then they aren't worth having.

A great example of this was Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Did you know that he was still driving a 10-year-old truck after he became a billionaire? His first new vehicle was a birthday present from his kids.

So what did he spend his money on?

When he died, it was found that he had one of the most complete libraries of business and finance books in the world. Sam Walton knew that it was not the show, but the go, that really mattered. He was once asked about his old beat up truck and his reply was "Pretty is as pretty does and my old truck gets me where I want to go."Those books did too.

Following his example, I took a page out of Mr. Walton's book and have not purchased a new car in over thirty years. Yes, I like nice vehicles, but I purchase them used, at a huge savings, and no one knows the difference!

If you want to be a real winner and find true success in life, don't waste your time or money on things that really don't matter. Put your efforts into becoming something you can be proud of.

Put your resources into pursuing your dreams and ignore those things that are just going to rust or become outdated. Just remember that today's new phone or gadget is tomorrow's outdated toy, but what you become, and what you are, is always going to be with you.

My challenge for you this week:

Spend your resources on those things that really matter!

  1. Ask yourself what you are wasting your time and money on?

  2. Make a list of those items and the reason they have become a habit.

  3. Write down some ways you can redirect your time and money into the behaviors or purchases that will transform you into a high-impact person.

  4. Let the redirection of your valuable resources begin, today!

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