Choose Your Risks Wisely!

When was the last time you went after something that was just a little too far out of your reach? Maybe you interviewed for a position for which you weren't quite qualified. Or, maybe you finally decided to flirt with that special person you've been eyeing.

  • What was the result?

  • How did it make you feel?

  • Did you learn anything?

As individuals, we spend so much time reaching for what's immediately unattainable that we set ourselves up for failure. What usually follows is a period of self-disgust, confusion, and doubt that overshadows our potential. Instead of carefully creating an action plan that is closely connected to our passions and life purpose, we aimlessly grasp at things, from relationships to jobs to material things, and ultimately end up disappointed.

Don't get caught up in the funk that is caused by living this type of life!

Choose Your Risks Wisely

I'm not saying to avoid all risks. I believe the opposite. You must risk the known for the unknown to close the gap between your current life and desired life.

My life has been characterized by a constant challenging of myself to take calculated risks. Every now and then, taking a risk leads to both anticipated and unanticipated pleasant results. What are some of the unexpected outcomes that you may find when you take a risk? You may form new friendships; meet important business contacts; or, most importantly, discover a new capacity of yourself to achieve at a higher level.

Grab What You Can Hold On To and Let Go of the Rest

Every day we're hit with hundreds of options. Questions like...

"What shoes should I wear today?"

"When should I finally have that serious conversation with my boss?"

"Is it time to leave this job or relationship?"

These are only examples of the vast number of decisions we need to make, some not so risky and some full of risk.

If you do want to pursue a risky venture, you need to weigh the pros and cons carefully before moving forward. A key element in making your decision should be whether or not the venture is in alignment with your goals, not someone else's goals!

Even if your venture seemingly takes you into a new style of living, the discipline to consistently move forward will be tied to your strong will to achieve something monumental according to your value system.

When you're trying to achieve simplicity in life and maximize your potential, I challenge you to embrace the thought process that the unknown leads to a curious, adventurous, and exciting life.

My challenge for you this week:

Get out of your comfort zone.

  • What risky venture would you like to pursue?

  • What are the potential outcomes if you pursue this specific risk?

  • Will spending your energy on this opportunity get you closer to achieving your long-term goals?

  • How much time will this venture take away from other priorities?

  • Design your schedule to make your venture rank in your top priorities.

I urge you to evaluate the potential outcomes, good and bad, of any path you take, and I challenge you to look at your options objectively. When you do, you'll be able to grab on to those things that you can hold on to and reap the rewards of taking calculated risk!

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