Are You a Victim, Too?

In this article I want to talk to you about one of the biggest realizations you need to come to grips with: If you are ever truly going to be able to bring your A-Game in a manner that allows you to overcome the struggles you face and have an abundance of success in life, you cannot play the victim.

In the process of listening to people tell me their reason for not achieving the life of their dreams, I get so suspicious of hearing the word "because".

I wanted to do this but couldn't because...

I would have succeeded at that but was stopped because...

Here's a news flash: One of the easiest human things to do is believe that you are a victim. Everyone can find a reason to proclaim themselves to be a victim. You could use your race, gender, religion, family background, where you grew up, or the horrible unexpected incidents in your life to categorize yourself into "victimhood".

However, no one has a perfect life. Everyone in this world has their own set of hurdles to cross. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that the winners learn how to leap over hurdles and keep moving forward.

Those who are successful don't make excuses. They don't cry or scream about how unfair the world is. They come to embrace the hurdles in life as opportunities to test their faith, strength, courage, and power to resist the temptation of being a victim instead of a victor!

If you refuse to accept the fact that life contains hurdles, two things are going to happen...

One, you are going to spend your time sitting around belly-aching about how you should be helped because...

There's that word again. Instead of putting in the time and effort needed to build the life you deserve, you decide to blame someoneelse or something else.

Two, you are going to use it as an excuse to give up.

When times get tough, that little voice inside your head is going to start telling you that it's alright to quit because "you never really had a fair shot to begin with." That is such an ego-protecting lie. Everyone has a shot at success. Yes, some folks may have more hurdles to cross to win their race, but the opportunity for success is always attainable if they are willing to make a full blown commitment to put in the work.

I'll say it again: everyone can be a victim. Every person on this planet, from the richest to the poorest, has some problem or issue that they have to overcome. The question is when YOU face those hurdles, will you allow them to block you from achieving success in your life?

My challenge for you this week:

Do some research that will help you avoid a "victim" mentality.

  1. Make note of how many times you hear people griping about how unjust the world is and who they are.

  2. Be sure to include on the list those people who spend time telling you or others about their missed opportunities in life.

  3. Each day, use the list to assess your own behavior. Do you engage in the same type of negative, victimhood-embracing conversations?

  4. Write down the life situation(s) that could be used as an alibi for you to label yourself as a victim.

  5. What action are you taking to turn this negative life situation into a triumphant story of how you became victorious?

Don't be a victim! Use what you learn from this week's challenge to help you leap over those hurdles that come along and keep moving forward to achieving success in your life!

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