Finding a New Dream Isn't Such a Bad Experience!

Another title of this week's post could have been called 'Reality Check' because that is what we are going to give our thoughts.

A lot of people in my line of work get into the habit of teaching or preaching about how "everyone can live out their dreams" and "be anything you want to be." That all sounds like sunshine and roses and really makes people feel good, but it doesn't have much to do with the realities unfolding in each of our lives.

The truth is that sometimes our dreams transform into something different than our original vision. As sobering and deflating as it may sound, don't hit the panic button! The transformation of your dream doesn't have to be a terrible experience, as long as you embrace it. You have got to be able to let your dreams evolve and develop over time.

Reflect back on your younger years of life. How many of us are living the dream we once had? Most of our dreams have changed because, as we matured, we found a new direction or passion in our lives.

A good illustration of what I am talking about would be Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson. Unless you have been living under "A Rock" (pun intended) you know this man's name. He is literally everywhere these days and is a prime example of what hard work and focus can bring to your life. While most would consider him highly successful, many don't realize that he is not living his original dream life.

"The Rock" started out wanting to be a professional football player in the NFL. He played in college but didn't make it to the NFL. So he went to Canada and played, but got cut from the team. He came back a second time and got cut again. Then, when they called him a third time, he turned them down!

In his downtime, Dewayne had taken time to reflect and realized that no matter how much he wanted and worked for his dream of being a professional football player, it was not going to come true. His heart was there but his talent level simply just wasn't a good fit for what was expected of an NFL player.

Most people would have given up but that wasn't the way he was put together. Dewayne didn't quit. He found a new direction and a new dream to pursue. Now, because of his willingness to accept the reality of his life and find new directions, he is one of the highest paid actors, writers, producers in the world and is loved by millions around the globe.

He has far exceeded his original dream of being in the spotlight as a professional football player. He is, very much, in the spotlight for a different reason.

My challenge for you this week:

Evaluate your dream goal.

  1. What is the dream goal you are living to achieve?

  2. How long have you possessed this dream goal?

  3. Do you believe you have put forth the persistent hard work and focus to manifest your dream goal? Yes or No?

  4. Regardless of your response to the above question, should you consider modifying your dream goal?

  5. What would your modified dream goal look like? Write it in a very vivid and descriptive manner.

  6. Write down what your actions to relentless pursue this dream goal looks like?

Having completed this week's challenge, you'll be ready to use questions 5 and 6 as a script that will help you take daily action toward achieving your new dream!

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