Are You Just Following the Crowd?

Over time, I cover a lot of different self-help subjects ranging from relationships, to finances, to careers, and sometimes we delve into how they overlap each other. The one thing that stays the same throughout all of my messages is that you have got to take personal responsibility for the state of your life. Everyone knows my belief that we have the power within us to control our outer experiences.

I've noticed what I consider to be a very dangerous trend. People have become so invested in being part of a group, or clique, that they no longer take the time to develop their own identities or to cultivate their own beliefs and hold steadfast to them.

You don't believe it? The proof can be seen in our spiritual, political, cultural, and racial views. These 4 topics alone cause division all over the world. When you ask people why they hold certain viewpoints on any of these topics, 8 times out of 10 they have no depth of knowledge that will support their stance. Most often, people sway toward a particular viewpoint because someone, whether it be the leader of their political party, their union boss, or the pastor of their church, has told them that this is what they should do.

The freedom of choice must be used to take responsibility for walking into or away from crowds of people.

Many people have surrendered their free will and their God-given right to think for themselves to the group's thought. I understand that it feels good to belong to something bigger than yourself, but you are never going to find real personal satisfaction, real happiness, real success, and real self-respect by blindly going along with the crowd. Those things can only be found by learning the facts of the world, considering them for yourself, and then acting on those thoughts.

You want to find success in your personal life? You want to find success in business? You want to be the best that you can possibly be? You have got to be willing to swim against the current and make decisions for yourself.

I truly support the notion that the real difference between being responsible and being irresponsible is how we manage our lives when the opportunity to make a good or bad choice presents itself.

My challenge for you this week:

Conduct an assessment of your strongly-held views.

  1. Take a few minutes this week to consider what your strongest spiritual, political, cultural and racial beliefs really are.

  2. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do.

  3. How many of these viewpoints were derived from things you have been told but that you have not experienced first-hand?

  4. For those items, take the time to learn more about each of these topics, and then create your own perspective. This will require you to talk with people you have been perceiving as different.

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