Ready to Make a Snowball?

It is amazing all the different places where inspiration can come from. Many believe that great ideas have to come from some majestic source. The truth is that some of the most important lessons you can learn will come from the simplest of sources.

This week's post is a prime example.

I was in a hotel room recently and started flipping through the channels. I happened to stop on a classic cartoon and as I sat there, I watched this giant snowball roll down a hill. As it rolled, it grew bigger and bigger until it was so large it crushed everything in its path. Then it hit me (not the snowball)...that snowball is a great example of how success is built.

Everything you accomplish in life is made up of hundreds and thousands of tiny efforts that are just like snowflakes. These snowflakes by themselves may not seem like much, but when combined they can accumulate into an unstoppable force.

Think about all the knowledge that you possess. Did you learn it all in one fell swoop? No! From the time you were a baby you started adding little bits of information to the storehouse in your brain.

The same exact process is true of every person who is an expert in their field. They put in the effort over a period of time to accumulate knowledge in their particular area of study.

Think about the things you know how to do. When you were born, you couldn't even feed yourself, but you learned and practiced different skills until you developed all the talents that you possess.

Again, it is the same for all talented people. They may have been born with some God-given talent, but they still had to put in the sweat to develop that talent. Top educators, successful athletes, famous stars, master craftsmen--none of them started that way. They all had to learn their skills one step at a time. What set them apart was the dedication to invest their time in the learning process.

Here is the good part...

Just like that snowball rolling down the hill, as your knowledge, skills and wealth grow, momentum will build causing them to grow faster and faster.

My challenge for you this week:

Build your knowledge and skills into a snowball!

  1. Take time this week to ask yourself what "flakes" are you adding to your snowball?

  2. Once again, write down your top two goals for the remainder of the year.

  3. Write down the weekly action you will take to keep the momentum going so that you can reach your goals.

  4. Be specific in your description by adding the day of the week and time of day of your planned actions.

  5. Each night, mentally determine if your actions grew your snowball.

Just like the cartoon that I referenced at the beginning of this article, you will find that when you add one flake at a time, one day at a time, one action at a time, your "snowball" will soon grow into an unstoppable force!

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