Be Your Own Person!

Do you know what is the best way to learn about living an exceptional life? I have found that it is by listening to the lessons passed down by the people who have done exactly that. Those who have accomplished the extraordinary can provide great insight as to the habits and "best practices" that you can incorporate into your own life's journey.

One of my favorite people to study is Warren Buffett. This is a man who started with just one hundred dollars of his own money. He succeeded in taking over a failing textile company and turned it into the most highly rated and profitable investment corporations in history. While his corporate prowess is exemplary, the fact that he turned his small personal investment into billions of dollars along the way doesn't hurt his credentials any.

In reading his writings and listening to his interviews over the years, I have noticed one lesson that he continually stresses. He calls it "following the institutional imperative". I call it "going along with the crowd" and believe that it goes way beyond the field of investing. Regardless of what you call it, this important lesson teaches you that such a practice should be avoided at all cost.

Mr. Buffett quips that it is his contrary nature that has led to the greatest part of his success. For instance, he has bought when others were selling, and he has sold when the crowd wanted to buy. Mainly, he has made it a priority to seek long-term profits instead of following the crowd and being enticed to make a quick dollar gain.

That is a lesson unto itself, but that's not it though because it goes even deeper!

He has always had the personal courage to make his own decisions based on the facts that were available to him and then to stand up to the crowd who attempts to persuade him that he is wrong.

Repeatedly, over the course of his life, he has been ridiculed, criticized, and told that the principles that he operates by, both in his business ventures and personal life, were wrong and wouldn't work. Repeatedly, he has proven the crowd wrong and his singular success stands as evidence of the wisdom of his ways.

Consider this: If the crowd was right most of the time then why aren't the majority of people healthy, happy, and wealthy?

Educate yourself, make your own informed decisions, and then have the courage to stand by them. Only YOU can create your own success!

My challenge for you this week:

Feel at ease about taking your own road to success.

  1. Have you ever done something just because others were doing it and you really didn't consider the ramifications? What was it?

  2. What behavior do you currently engage in that is the popular thing to do but is inconsistent with your life values and goals? What is the behavior?

  3. What action should you take that would make you stand out?

  4. Start doing it!

Are you okay with being your own person? Follow this week's Success Challenge and you'll be building habits that will help you live an exceptional life!

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