Two Ingredients for Maintaining Your Passion and Excitement Throughout the New Year!

For most people, the beginning of a new year is an exciting time. Yes, it's great that everyone exudes a passion and excitement for the new year, but it's easy to be passionate on the threshold of all new beginnings. What's more difficult, however, is to commit to maintaining high energy levels when facing the frustrating delays and roadblocks that occur on the pathway to reaching your goals.

Here are the two ingredients for getting through the difficult times so that you can maintain your passion and excitement throughout the new year!

1. Stay Refreshed

Staying positive and maintaining a high energy level requires self-care and a commitment to safeguard your spiritual, physical, social, and mental well-being. In order to complete complicated tasks and make good decisions in all areas of your life, your brain needs quality sleep and good nutrition.

Take the time to prepare and eat good food, as well as to renew your spirit by spending time with family and friends. You also need alone time, where you pamper yourself in your own special way. No, this is not selfish, but necessary to prevent burnout.

Similarly, if you don't get enough exercise, your body will be restless when you try to conduct your life business, leading to a loss of productivity and, eventually, illness.

2. Stay Curious

You also need to approach the new year with curiosity. Curiosity is a kind of innocence which protects you from fear and inaction. It gives you the courage to take the more difficult paths that lead to self-improvement. To find this courage, follow your curiosity without fear of judgment and self-doubt.

Living in a constant "what if" state-of-mind leads to a natural drive that encourages experimentation and risk-taking which allows you to get to the essential truth behind a personal or business problem. Oftentimes, the more you hear "no" the more stubborn you'll become to overcome challenges and biases.

Curiosity puts a spark in your soul that fuels much of what you do, or don't do, throughout your life. Without curiosity, the fire of hope slowly dies and you give up difficult goals one by one.

Giving up isn't natural to the human spirit. We are built to test limits, surpass the limitations placed on us, and set the bar a little higher one day at a time.

My challenge for you this week:

Greet the new year by combining these ingredients into a plan to take care of you.

  1. Make a chart with a column for each of the following well-being areas: spiritual, social, physical, and mental.

  2. Under each column, write down things you will do to improve yourself.

  3. Start each day reviewing your columns so that you can gauge how well you stay engaged in taking care of you.

  4. If you get off track, do not quit, simply make adjustments to make yourself a priority.

When you put this plan into action, you'll start the new year bringing your A Game to everything you do in 2019!

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