Are You Prepared to Make Sacrifices?

In the weeks leading up to the New Year, I posted articles that included a simple plan that everyone can use to start building a better life. As the old adage goes: people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. What can be found in those posts was a simple blueprint that can help you make major improvements in almost any facet of your life.

The steps I outlined in those two articles are:

  • Find your 'WHY'

  • Set your goal

  • Focus on the positive

  • Create a strict checklist of obtainable milestones

  • Celebrate your successes

You notice I didn't say it would make those gains easy, which now brings us to the subject of this week's post: YOU.

People, you have got to understand that success is a creative process, which means there has got to be a little destruction along the way. Nothing is created from nothing. Everything that was ever created was built on the ruins of what came before it. If you really want to make meaningful changes in your life, then you have got to be prepared for a few agonizing losses.

If you want to expand your mind and your prospects in the process, then you need to eliminate those time wasters that eat up your days. If you want to find success, you need to cut out those things and people in your life that are standing in your way.

To find success is not an easy process and, at times, it can even seem painful. But, it is up to you to lay out your plan, follow your checklist, and achieve your goals. I always remind myself and others that we are responsible for our own success or failure.

No one and nothing can give you your "why", no one can tell you what is important to you, and no one can show you what your ideal life should look like. Those are very personal things that only you can decide and only you can take the necessary steps to achieve.

My challenge for you this week:

Let's do some introspection!

  1. Take time to look deep inside yourself and decide what your ideal life would be like.

  2. Write a three-point description of your ideal life.

  3. Make a personal checklist and plan containing the actions necessary to achieve your ideal life.

  4. List the sacrifices necessary to accelerate your progress.

  5. Start giving 100% effort to work your plan.

It's all on you, my friend.

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