The Cure for Emptiness and Stagnation

There will be a time in each of our lives when we feel a little empty or stagnant. There are many potential causes of this, but a few of them could include the loss of a loved one, a tragedy, relationship departure, health issues, too much stress from work, or an overemphasis on chasing money. For some of us, these feelings precipitate a search for purpose, or the things that really matter in life, and urge us to move closer to them. While it is difficult for most of us to be able to get past these difficult scenarios, we must gain a higher level of consciousness in order to stand up and move on. Here are three stages that will help you find the cure for your emptiness and stagnation:


Well, the first thing to do here is to assess yourself. Why are you feeling empty or stagnant? Don't avoid the critical need to do an honest self-assessment. This identification and listing of reasons is going to be a major step to your evolution.


Analyze the reasons you are feeling empty or stagnant. The key here is to look for a pattern of blaming people or experiences. It's way too easy to just write off your feelings as being caused by things such as too much pressure at work, or people have caused you emotional duress, or you think your friends or others have a better life than you. This "easy-way-out" approach surrenders your responsibility for your life while negating your power to control your life's destiny.

Now, I'll throw another curve ball at you! Instead of focusing on your pain or frustration, focus on the fact you have a deep love or craving for the opposite of your present feelings. The reverse would be positive thoughts, feelings, and actions associated with your perceived empty or stagnant experiences. Believe it or not, our feelings are really not that difficult to understand.

For instance, our frustration, anger, or disappointment toward love ones, family, or lovers, are due to the desire we have to experience oneness with them. Our thoughts or feelings of separation are filled with conscious and subconscious fear of being disconnected from them, spiritually, mentally, physically, or presence proximity. (Focus on experiencing oneness vs. being disconnected)

Similarly, jobs or careers become unfulfilling as the result of a sense of departure from our freedom to explore the thoughts of who you could emerge into. This would not be the case if so many hours were not devoted to irrelevant work. (Focus on your freedom to explore vs. performing irrelevant work)

For many, aging creates a fear of separation from our youthfulness and most vibrant stages of life. Of course, aging should be a time of using our maturity, wisdom, experiences, and skills toward inspiring and guiding the emerging generation. (Focus on inspiring others vs. the fear of separation)


The next thing that you have to do is to change the way you do things. The feelings of emptiness and stagnation requires action to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. If you want to be successful, then you need to handle problems with a conscious mind and see the problems as opportunities for improvement through the practice of intentional living. It is not easy because there will be times when you will lose your determination. However, the intentional effort will provide a daily self-challenge for you to get up and get going.

My challenge for you this week:

Invest yourself in a turnaround strategy.

  1. If you have not already made list of things that cause your feelings of emptiness or stagnation, do it, now!

  2. For each item listed, write down the fear you associate with it.

  3. Now, for each fear, write down the actions you can take to create love and excitement toward moving forward (Hint: this requires consistent action in the reverse of your present practices).

Begin implementing your new thoughts, feelings, and action and assess your progress each night before bedtime.

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