Are You Living a Self-Made Life?

Before I get started, I want to warn everyone that this week's post is not going to be one of those "feel good", "put a smile on your face" type of sessions.

There are two things I have learned in life: (1) The message you want to hear isn't always the message you need to hear. (2) If I don't ruffle a few feathers and upset a few people, I'm probably not doing them much good. You see, I ruffle feathers by identifying the need for change and pushing for supportive action.

Here is a truth that many of you might not want to hear: Our life experiences are self-made. Now, before you throw God in the equation of life, you need to understand that our Creator birthed us with the power of free will. What this means is that we are not programmed robots with our life destiny predetermined. The power of free will gives us decision-making authority.

So, within this contextual framework, whether you are soaring to the heights of success, crashing in flames, or stuck in a rut so deep a tractor couldn't pull you out, it is your responsibility. It was yourdecisions and actions that guided your path to where you are now.

  • You can't blame your parents.

  • You can't blame the government.

  • You can't blame your significant other.

  • You can't blame life itself.

The fact is, you made your choices. You were the one who decided what you were or weren't going to do, who you were going to spend your time with and invest your energy in, what talents you were going to develop, and how you spent your money. You created the life you are living! If you try to spin it any other way, you are just making excuses and you know what I say about excuses: They are nothing but lies disguised as reason.

Sure, you can cry that life isn't fair and you may be right. You could even argue from this perspective and give examples of health nuts who get sick and deadbeats who win the lottery, but none of that matters! What really matters are the choices you yourself make.

  • Are you going to buy a book or a six pack?

  • Are you going to sit on your behind and play video games or go for a run and lift some weights?

  • Are you going to let that special someone know how much you care about them or are you going to hang with your friends.

Life is made up of hundreds of little decisions we make every day, most of which we never really even think about. They are passive decisions that form your life experiences. Here's the good news from everything I've said in this article: Just because you made bad choices in the past it doesn't mean you can't make better ones in the future. Consequently, rather than living a primarily passive life, you can live a purpose-guided life.

My challenge for you this week:

Discover your decision-making practices to live an intentional life.

  • Write down the daily decisions that result in your days feeling routine?

  • Be honest and look at how seemingly insignificant things really do have a major impact on your life's stagnation or advancement.

  • For the next five days pick two daily decisions from your list and intentionally make better decisions.

  • Track your progress and challenge yourself to do it for another five days.

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