The Missing Link to Success and Fulfilment

Almost on a weekly basis, I will have someone come up to me and ask "Glenn, what should I do with my life?" or words to that effect. How am I supposed to know what you should do with your life? If you've listened to anything I've said or read anything I've written, you already know that one of the things I preach constantly is that YOU are responsible for your life. It is yours. Not your mother's. Not your significant other's. Not the government's, Not your best friend's. Your life is yours and yours alone. Only you can decide how to live it.

What I can do, however, is help you figure out for yourself what direction you need to be traveling. Here's what I have found that will help you: You will be your most successful and will live your most fulfilling life when your goals are tied to your own personal values.

What are those personal values? I can't tell you that either. Again, they are yours and you need to evaluate them on your own. Think about this though, if your own value system places family life above all else, are you ever going to be happy in a job that keeps you away from home most of the time? If financial success is your main driving force, do you think it would cause conflicts in your life to be in a time-consuming, clingy relationship?

When we try to live a life that is not in tune with our own personal values, it causes conflicts not only in our lives but within us as well. When we focus on the goals that other people have for us, instead of our own, it gets even worse.

So, how do you find your values if you're not already aware of them? You can start by asking yourself what you're good at. We become good at things we enjoy because we work at them consciously or subconsciously. People become good hunters, fisherman, or rock climbers because being outdoors and challenging themselves is important to them. I became what I am because helping people is at the top of my priority list. Our talents will usually fall in line with our values, so that is where you should start.

My challenge for you this week:

Take time this week to take a hard look inside and decide what is most important to you personally.

  1. What are you good at doing?

  2. What would you be working toward if you had no other concern other than giving yourself a perfect life?

  3. Write those down because there lie your true values.

  4. Write some new goals based on your discovered personal values.

  5. Start devoting 20 hours per week toward pursuing your new goals and increase the hours every week.

Go for it, you are worth it!

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