How to Build Confidence that Lasts!

Why does it seem like some individuals are full of confidence, while others struggle to have any at all? We all know and envy those people who just exude confidence. It is also easy to make excuses for our own insecurities by saying things like "they are naturally confident" and "it is impossible to be like that," however, that is not true! The good news is that you can be confident, but you have to work for it.

Self-confidence comes from competence and practice, and is not something that a person is born with. If you are wondering how to build confidence, here are four things that will help you build confidence that lasts.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

We are all different from each other and born with things that we are better at than others. There are some things that we can never be great at no matter how hard we try, but that's okay. If you want to build self-confidence, you need to stop trying to be like someone else and learn to be the best you can be. The only comparison that a confident person makes is to the person they were yesterday. If you struggle with being confident, stop comparing yourself with others and begin improving yourself.

Track Your Successes

You naturally begin to feel more confident when you see areas that you are successful in. If you struggle with low confidence, try to identify three successes every day. These can be simple successes, like "I paid my mortgage today" or anything that you may have struggled to do in the past. At the end of the day look at your activities and recognize those areas in which you are succeeding.

Quit the negative self-talk

Many people say a lot of negative things about themselves. For example, calling yourself "a failure" or saying "I am so stupid". You cannot build self-confidence if you are constantly knocking yourself down. Start out by speaking positive affirmations to yourself. It will feel awkward at first, but stick to it!

Practice Self-Care

One vital thing while building confidence is to take care of yourself. When you are tired, not feeling well, or not getting enough rest, it can be very difficult to feel positive about yourself. Start by making sure that you (1) exercise regularly, (2) drink plenty of water,(3) consume foods that give you energy, and (4) get enough sleep every night. When you're feeling good, you will have a better outlook on life.

My challenge for you this week:

Take steps to become a more confident person.

  1. Do you compare yourself to other people? If so, identify some of their characteristics that you desire to have.

  2. Keep a daily success log. Review your accomplishments as a momentum builder.

  3. Write down a list of positive affirmations and speak them out loud to yourself. For example, "I am smart", "I have a beautiful smile", "I am a conqueror"

  4. Pick two self-care strategies from the list above that you will commit to incorporating into your life for the next six weeks.

You should live life to the fullest, so if a lack of confidence is holding you back, it is time to start making a change today. Every little step forward is a step in the right direction.

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