How to Achieve Your Optimum Performance!

Have you ever wondered about how much better you could be doing in your career? How about your business? Maybe in your relationship with someone you love? Or even the state of your health right now?

I consider myself a proactive person and I'm proud of it! Proactive people are distinct because they are always searching for unique ways to reach the next level in their careers, finances, health, relationships, and lives. There is a constant desire inside them to step up so they can achieve the unexpected and tap into their full potential. Achieving peak performance in your life requires a combination of actions to maximize your potential. These actions include:

Do what you love.

High performance begins with doing what you love. Psychological research shows that for someone to access and maintain peak performance, complete engagement is required. To be a peak performer, you have to be fully engaged in your work, in your relationships, and in your health. Optimum performance can truly be achieved when "all of you" is in the game. A successful life is just a game of doing what you are passionate about. Don't go through life enduring mediocre relationships or tolerating a job that you don't like.

Improve Concentration.

Peak performance happens when you concentrate. Working in a manner that is calm and relaxed is vital for exceptional performance. Working with a high level of concentration even for short periods of time accomplishes more than long periods with poor concentration. This means that the amount of time you spend doing something does not always guarantee the best results. Being focused is what matters most.

Use the Power of Visualization.

Peak performers such as executives, spiritual leaders, professional athletes, artists, and other highly successful people use the power of visualization technique regularly. The reason for this is that the mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not--it only responds to your emotions. Every day before you go to bed take a few minutes and imagine yourself excelling in the next day's activities. Use this time to visualize, over and over again, the outcome that you want. Eventually, it will become a reality and you will definitely succeed in all aspects of your life. I perform visualization exercises four times a day, sometimes even in my car in a parking lot.

Take Breaks.

Taking a break is very important. It provides you with the time necessary to reflect and recharge. Recognizing the importance of down time, Wall Street had recently begun implementing what Silicon Valley had already been doing, where employees do not work during weekends and vacation is compulsory. Other firms are enforcing the same strategies because it has been proven to increase performance. By taking a break, you get a fresh perspective and recharge your energy, hence better performance.

Optimum performance is achieved through a combination of all the above actions. Putting forth the effort to master these actions will help you take yourself from where you are now to the levels of peak performance and the success you've dreamed of achieving.

My challenge for you this week:

Employ the tools shared in this week's article.

  1. List those things that you love to do.

  2. Write out ways that you can increase the time you spend engaged in them.

  3. For the next week, and hopefully for the rest of your life, start every day with a 15-minute visualization of how you desire your day to unfold.

  4. Decide how you can take a break from the requirements of life and work to implement them.

Always remember that you have the power and authority to enjoy your life!

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