Four Steps to Switch from a Dreamer to a Doer

Some people are born doers and know how to get things done. Others think about doing something, but, at the end of the day, they never actually get anything done.

Doers have the ability to keep taking action. It gives them a rush of adrenaline and, thus, an energy boost!

Dreamers, on the other hand, can spend the entire day floundering. When they look back and try to assess how much progress has been made, there is little to show for it. They get overwhelmed and feel even more exhausted. It's a dangerous cycle!

So, how can you go from being a dreamer to being a doer? Here are four steps:

1. Get organized.

People who jump up and take action tend to be very systematic. They tend to always have a plan and move from one task to the other without much effort. So, if you always seem to be disorganized, bouncing from one unfinished task to the other, or you are unable to shift gears at the right time, then you've got to change your way of thinking. Once you get organized, you'll be one step closer to being a doer.

2. Surround yourself with doers.

Associating yourself with doers will help you change your mindset, inspire you to be just like them, and even motivate you to compete with their lofty ambitions. Dreamers feed off of each other. Remember, you are responsible for your own support network, so you need to surround yourself with some of the best and brightest people.

3. Focus on solutions.

A significant difference between doers and dreamers is their approach to solving problems. Doers tend to have an attitude of "I can do it," meaning they believe every issue has a solution, while dreamers tend to have an "I can't do it" attitude. No matter what challenges you're facing, clear your mind and concentrate. It may take a while, but a solution will come to you.

4. Believe in yourself.

Never doubt your abilities. Everything you ever wanted to become is built into you. All you need to do is take the first steps and everything else will begin to fall into place, because even the largest structures in the world were built piece-by-piece!

Taking action is the key to revealing the best in you. So ditch that dream! It's time to become a doer, not a dreamer.

My challenge for you this week:

Transform your dreams into action.

  1. List those things that you have dreamed of accomplishing.

  2. Make a list of the action steps you will need to take to advance your dreams.

  3. Make a pledge to yourself to become a doer.

  4. Track your daily progress by keeping a log or a diary.

  5. Ask the most no-nonsense person you know to hold you accountable.

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