Are You Ready to Fight?

If you are a regular reader of the Weekly Success Challenge, you know how much it amazes me where the inspiration comes from for these articles, and this week's post is a prime example. I have been watching a series of short documentaries that the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is putting out to celebrate their 25th anniversary. As you can imagine, I am a huge fan of all types of competition and I love to learn about the people who excel in any of life's arenas.

While many of the stories of the mixed martial arts fighters are inspiring and set great examples of what it takes to overcome adversity, what really caught my attention was a video about the men behind what is arguably the world's most valuable sports franchise. Like them or hate them, they deserve a lot of credit, because they turned a 2-million-dollar investment into a 4-billion-dollar payoff in less than 20 years--we should all hope for those kinds of investment gains!

What drew my attention in further was a comment by Dana White, the guiding hand behind the UFC organization. He said, "Everyone wants to be a fighter but not everyone wants to fight."

He was trying to make a point to a group of young people that everyone wants the big money; everyone wants the fame and fortune; but not everyone is willing to put in the sweat, hard work, or blows that it takes to succeed. Not everyone is willing to get knocked down and then get back up so they can keep fighting.

Although he was talking about achieving success in the UFC Octagon®, it is a pretty good analogy for life in general. If you want to succeed at anything you have got to have the heart of a true fighter. You have got to be willing to work and sweat and train to win. You have got to be willing to get knocked down, stand back up, and tell life, "Yes, you got me with that shot but I won't fall for it again."

Most importantly, you have got to know two things to be a focused fighter:

One, what fight you are preparing for. You don't fight a grappler the same way you do a striker. You've got to focus your training time on the fight you are wanting to win to the exclusion of all else.

Two, a belief in your heart that you are going to win. No fighter ever won a fight they didn't believe they could win.

My challenge for you this week:

Become a focused fighter!

1) What are you aiming for that requires a real fight from you?

2) Do you believe you can win this fight?

3) What things are required of you to prepare for this fight?

4) What date will you start your higher level of preparation?

Yes, there will be those tough times that could make you feel knocked down, so you need to know your reason to keep fighting. (Keep this is a visible place, at all times!)

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