Are You Falling Apart?

Do you know what one of the biggest mistakes people make when life takes a wrong turn for them? It's failing to allow themselves to be human. I call it the Superhero Syndrome.

Many times, it occurs as a result of a major traumatic event like losing a loved one. It happens most often when things begin to really go south and people slip into desperation mode. They feel as though the foundation of their world is coming apart, whether it be caused by financial problems, relationship troubles, or just a little bit of everything going wrong. First people start to "lose it", then they make the big mistake of getting down on themselves for being down, which just compounds their problems.

Here is something you should know: It is OK to fall apart.

I view "falling apart" as an emotional release. It is OK to scream and holler. It is OK to cry like a baby and rail at the world. It is OK to moan, groan, and pound your fist on the wall. In fact, it is more than OK, it is healthy!

These times of emotional release can help us regain our equilibrium. It allows us to get back on a firm footing to deal with the problem or situation that has rocked us.

Here's what we must not do: Feel like we have failed because we couldn't hold it together any longer.

People, life is filled with opportunities that are disguised as problems. No one should ever expect life to be easy. While you can't fall apart every time something goes against you, there are times when an emotional release is more than justified. Allow yourself to be human and get it out of your system. You'll feel better for it, not just emotionally but physically and mentally as well.

Studies have shown that pent-up emotions can cause a shift in our body chemistry that will make us feel physically ill, damage our hearts, and interfere with our mind's ability to function properly. By allowing ourselves to release those emotions we purge not only the negative energy from our souls but also the harmful chemicals from our bodies.

We must understand that we are not superheroes and each one of us has our limits. For some, it takes much more to push them to the edge than others but everyone has a breaking point. The secret is to learn and acknowledge yours, then release that pent-up energy before it does irrefutable damage to your life and your psyche. You can cry, scream, holler, or do whatever it takes, but allow yourself to be human. Never regret doing what it takes to maintain your own sanity. It is OK to fall apart.

Now, the benefit of allowing yourself to have that "fall apart" or "release" moment is that it creates the space to build a stronger, wiser, and more powerful self.

My challenge for you this week:

Prepare now to use negative circumstances in your life to continue your progress toward the best you possible.

  1. What major negative issue has lingered in your mind?

  2. How does this negative issue impact your life's progress?

  3. Write down the date and time that you will release this issue as a barrier.

  4. What action will you take to move forward?

  5. Implement your plan!!

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