If You Say "I Can't" You're Lying!

One of the keys to making anything happen is action. Action is movement. Two of the most powerful words that we can and willever speak to ourselves will make the difference in any situation where action is the next step toward making something happen.

These two words are either "I CAN" or "I CAN'T."

"Can" is a word that positions us to achieve our mission.

On the flip side, "can't" is a word of retreat that signifies an inability to move due to a force beyond our control.

You have the power to decide if you wish to achieve or retreat, because when you speak victory words such as "I CAN", you will attain whatever you set out to do regardless of what others are saying to you.

If you were to speak with many famous individuals, such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah, Warren Buffet, and Michael Jordan, they would likely tell you that in the beginning of their journey a majority of people were telling them: "You CAN'T do that!" Fortunately, they disregarded those statements and listened to their own inner voice, which said, "Oh yes I CAN!"

The most important person who speaks to you every day is YOU! Yes, it's a never-ending self-conversation. It's very common and natural to want more out of life, which means that you must produce more action towards the behavior that leads to your desired life.

In order to stay motivated and "in action", you need to review your WHY, or reason for wanting the things you dream of achieving. Your reason must be so compelling that it drowns out any voice that tells you: "You CAN'T do that, so stop dreaming, and just forget about it!"Every waking hour, you need to speak to your inner person and say to yourself, "I CAN and I WILL take another productive step!"

I feel compelled to let you in on a secret. Each morning, I lock myself in a room and visualize myself winning in every hour of the day. In my visualization process, I see myself performing in every scheduled interaction that I will have with people--at home, work, church, fitness center, department stores, restaurants, etc. I make it my intent that the outcome of each human interaction will be a win-win for myself and the other individuals. Consequently, I have trained myself to refrain from saying the words, "I CAN'T."

My personal outcome for each day is to build a network of people whom I inspire, motivate, and empower to make themselves better, which positions them to make the world a better place in which to live.

I have to admit that if it were not for my inner person saying, "Glenn you CAN do it! YOU CAN do it!" I may not be in the position of confidence that I am today. Some days it is still difficult, but guess what, I am doing it, and you CAN too!

My challenge for you this week:

Eliminate the words "I CAN'T" from your mindset and vocabulary.

  1. Write down some recent situations you have used the word "can't"

  2. Examine each situation and determine whether your use of the word "can't" was a choice not to do something or a force outside of you that dis-empowers you to take action.

  3. Regardless of your responses in question 2, always remember that YOU control your own action.

  4. Therefore, eliminate the words "I CAN'T" from your mindset and vocabulary.

It's now time to ask yourself a very honest question: "Am I listening to my victory words from the inside or am I letting the loser words from the outside world control my outcome in life?"

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