A Gift For You!

If I told you I was going to give you $86,400 a day, what would you do with it? Would you...

  • Buy something you've always wanted?

  • Throw a big party?

  • Waste it on trivial things?

  • Invest it for the future?

Now, what if I told you that this gift of $86,400 a day had one catch, that it could be cut off at any time, without notice?

  • Would this change how you handle what you are given?

  • Would the knowledge that it could disappear at any moment make you mindful of how you use every penny?

  • Would you do everything you could to ensure that you were not wasting the gift you are being given?

Did you know that each day we are given 86,400 seconds to live and it can be ended without notice at any moment? All it takes is a sudden heart attack, a drunk driver, a bolt out of the blue and it can come to an end.

I believe that time is much more valuable than money. You may find a dollar laying in the street, but you can neither find nor buy another second of time.

We may know when we are getting short on cash but, unfortunately, we don't know how long we have left on this earth. This is why it is so important to invest our time wisely and to not let time go to waste. We all need to learn how to get the greatest benefit from the time we have been given and to not fritter it away on the useless.

It may sound trite, but if you want to make the most of the little time you have on this earth, you have got to learn what to hold on to and what to let go of. It is imperative that you let go of the anger, envy, and prideful things that get in the way of your ability to truly live the wonderful life you really deserve.

Our mindset should be to embrace the people we love, as well as the things that bring us joy and enrich our lives. If something as simple as a flower or a stranger's smile lightens our day, we should hold on to its memory and cherish it for the wonder that it is. Therefore, if someone spends 10 seconds making us angry, we shouldn't waste the remaining 86,390 seconds worrying about it or contemplating a plan for revenge. Let it go!

Some of you read that last paragraph and are likely saying, "To forget worrisome people or events is much easier said than done."

I used to be in that thought parade. However, I have learned that we do have the power to control what we focus our time and attention on, but it requires conscious thought and practice, practice, and more practice.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be." Yes, this quote is applicable to people of every gender, race, culture, age, and so on. I interpret his quote as meaning that we have control over the thoughts and perceptions we have of our life's circumstances. So, every day we are empowered with the decision of how we are going to think and feel.

My challenge for you this week:

Make the most of your time by taking control of your thinking and feeling.

  1. Make a list of the people and circumstances that you find difficult to manage.

  2. For each person or circumstance listed, write down what you find worrisome.

  3. Determine whether the things you wrote down as worrisome have significant value in your efforts to advance your life.

  4. Eliminate those people and circumstances without significant value--they are too time consuming.

  5. For those remaining on your list as "having significant value", make a self-agreement process to see the positive side of these people and circumstances. In other words, what are you learning from them that is challenging you to change yourself?

Be mindful that any person or circumstance causing negative feelings or emotions are really present to teach us something about ourselves. Consequently, they provide the opportunity for greater clarity on the type of person we desire to evolve into.

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