Get A God's-Eye View of Life!

One of the hardest things for each one of us to do as an emotional creature is to stay on an even keel. Our lives are so filled with highs and lows that at times it can feel as though we are trapped in a storm at sea. I'm going to share with you one of the techniques that I use to help me ride those waves without getting washed too far in any direction. I call it a "God's-Eye View".

What is it? The concept is really very simple. Instead of staying trapped inside the events that are happening in my own life, I try to take a few minutes each day to take a step back so that I can see the big picture--not MY big picture, but THE BIG PICTURE.

How do I do it? Sitting quietly, I try to see myself like I'm in a video game. Looking down on myself from above, I review the things that have happened throughout the day and how I reacted to them. I observe the activities and events trying not to make any judgments. I then pull back a little and look at the people around me and what is happening to them. I then pull back a little farther and visualize my neighborhood and the people in it. I keep this up until I am looking down on the earth like God, which means I move to a higher consciousness level. It's all about perception awareness.

Why do I do this? It allows me to put everything into perspective and reminds me how small a part of this world I occupy. It permits me to see how big an influence small actions can have. It also allows me to pull back from my own emotions and view things as they aremore than just how I perceived them to be. I find this very effective right before my evening prayer and meditation session.

It is easy to get trapped in our own mental and emotional reactions and forget that there might be a view beyond our own. It's so easy to forget that others have pains, sorrows, and joys that might be different than our own, but are no less important. Stepping outside ourselves allows us to remember these things.

My challenge for you this week:

Intentionally achieve a God's-eye view of the world. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Start with your own household, workplace, or circle of friends and focus on seeing the perspective of each person.

  2. Keep notes on each person to see how your understanding of them grows.

  3. Notice how your negative emotions and feelings about others diminishes.

  4. More importantly, see if you don't find yourself calmer and more connected to those around you.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with gratitude for everyone's role in our life!

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