Objectify the Negative

In our last article, I shared a technique that I use which helps me maintain my perspective. It is a simple process that allows me to view events and emotions as they fit into the true schema of life.

There is, however, a byproduct of that method. You will begin to realize that your own reactions aren't always what they should be. You will also begin to notice how easy it is to get carried away with toxic negative thoughts and emotions.

So this week, I would like to share with you another technique that you can use to maintain control of those negative thoughts and emotions. It will help you live a happier life with fewer conflicts and less worry. The technique is called Objectification. It's kind of a big word but all it means is "to make something an object".

Here's the way most of us go through life:

Something happens to us. It may be someone saying something, someone doing something, or just a random event. Whatever it is, we react to it. We get angry and then ride that negative emotion to bad places. We let it make us do and say things that we know we will regret later. We allow it to rob us of sleep and ruin our health. We let it diminish or poison our relationships.

Here's what happens when you "objectify" those negative emotions:

  • They lose their power over you.

  • They become something to examine and learn from.

  • They become a vehicle to gain greater knowledge of yourself and to become a wiser person.

Notice the focus is on YOU and YOUR growth. You cannot always control those outside or external elements, but you can work on your own inner thoughts and emotions.

Here's the process of objectification (It is simple but I warn you, it is not easy!):

The next time you start sliding toward anger or any other negative emotion, take the first step, which is to stop and name it. Just say "Oh, this is anger (or whatever negative emotion you are facing)", which will help you stop the train before it builds momentum. Next, examine where it is coming from, and, most importantly, why you are having the reaction you are. Then, ask yourself that all-important question: Why?

  • Why do I care?

  • Why is this affecting me this strongly?

  • Why am I letting this person or situation take control of me?

  • Why am I surrendering my peace to an emotion that I probably won't remember having tomorrow or next week (and even if I do, I still won't be able to do anything constructive with).

You will be amazed at the difference this shift in perspective can make in helping you reverse the negative in your life. Beyond that, you will discover the deep satisfaction that comes from being in command of your emotions...instead of them commanding you!

My challenge for you this week:

Get your emotions under control!

  1. What circumstances always seem to cause you to have negative emotions, whether it be annoyed, angry, sad, mad, or depressed?

  2. Write down the reason negative emotions are triggered by the experience.

  3. Dig deeper to identify the root cause of these emotions, by attaching your negative emotions to fear.

  4. In this mindset, what do you fear from the experience that results in you feeling those negative emotions?

  5. Write down these fears and know they are caused by negative past experiences that you will now pack away as history. Now when you perceive a new experience as similar to an old one, you will no longer allow those fears to cause you to relive negative emotions or to react negatively.

  6. Daily affirm to yourself that "I am now healthy, whole, strong, and attracting positive experiences of love, joy, peace, and prosperity."

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