4 Traits of People You Need in Your Circle!

"Finding the right types of people to emulate" and "removing the toxic people from your circles" are two very important topics that I talk about often. Today, let's forget about the negative and focus on the positive. We're going to look at the types of people you need to be surrounding yourself with in order to find true success and happiness. I'm talking about the kind of people who are going to enable you and not disable you.

Here are four traits that you should be looking for in people that you allow to have the closest proximity to you:


Inspiration is the seed that leads to great things. It is the ideas, thoughts, and emotions that make something worthwhile. Think about all the great works of art that have been created; the wonderful pieces of music that have been written; and the great acts of bravery that people have performed, even to the point of self-sacrifice--none of these could have happened if it wasn't for some inspiration! Inspiration is the seed that grows to become motivation.


When people are motivated, they are full of energy and emotion. They aren't happy to just let things go, they want to get things done. This is exactly what I am trying to do for you in every article I write: motivate you to be and do more than you believe you can. The best thing about having motivated people in your life is that their energy is contagious. Just being around them keeps you reaching for greater heights. You might just say that inspiration leads to motivation which brings us to passion.


Passion is a natural result when people have been inspired and motivated to pursue a particular cause or goal. When you are truly passionate you forget all else and perform purely out of love. I am passionate about helping people and because doing so owns my heart, I have sacrificed time with family and friends, other opportunities, and many other things. I love to see this same characteristic in others as well.


All of the previous traits I have described in their purest form, but it is possible to be motivated without actually being inspired. It is also possible to be passionate about a subject that doesn't inspire you to act or motivate you to make a difference. Regardless, the most important trait that you look for in the people you allow in your circle is gratitude. We need to be thankful every day for the opportunities we have, the blessings we receive, and the people that make our lives worth living. We should freely express our gratitude for all these things in our lives, even when our perception is that we could do, have, and be so much more. Gratitude is knowing that today presents a golden opportunity to move toward a higher consciousness which will lead to the actions necessary to expand ourselves.

Do any of these traits describe those in your circle? I have been blessed in that many of my friends and all of my inner circle display more than one of these characteristics and, thankfully, a few of them display all four.

My challenge for you this week:

Assess those in your circle and determine whether they display any of these four traits.

  1. Make a list of your closest family, friends, and work colleagues.

  2. Next to each person's name, write down which, if any, of the four traits they regularly demonstrate.

  3. As you become focused on new goals, tap into the energy field of those people in your circle who are living out more of the four traits.

  4. What steps are you going to take to expand your circle to include people who have a similar lifestyle as you seek?

Always be mindful that you become more like the people you allow to have the greatest influence in your life!

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