You Better Start Acting Like It!

We're only a few days into the new year and, if you read our last article, you learned how to make real New Year's resolutions that will create lasting change in your life. We will now take what you learned a step further, so, if you didn't read last week's article, please take a moment to click on this link to read it now.

I am going to tell you one of the least understood secrets of being successful no matter what you attempt in life: You must act like what you want to become.

Now, I'm not talking about "fake it till you make it". You have always got to keep it real. What I'm talking about is practicing all the little behaviors that go into having a life of success and happiness.

Here's the difference between "Faking It"and "Acting Like It":

Faking It is wearing the diamonds and gold, driving the fancy car, and wearing the tailored suits while at the same time managing your finances in a manner that causes you to rack up loads of debt.

In this case, how you appear is inconsistent with the behind-the-scenes behaviors and actions that you should be practicing to get you to where you want to be. This type of living will keep you broke and living the life of a wannabe till you're too old to remember what it was you wanted to be.

Acting Like It is totally different and means that you are actually performing those behaviors of the type of person you hope to become. It doesn't involve any flash and is hardly ever seen.

Before Michael Jordan was a star, he would spend hours shooting free-throws and running drills because that is what champions do.

Before Warren Buffet ever owned a Cadillac, a private jet, or even made his first million, he would spend years studying business, economics, and people.

If you want to be successful, you need to start acting like you already are successful. You must understand that what you are is the outcome of many hours of courage, discipline, and commitment. It is the things that aren't seen that drive success.

Whether it be someone famous like Cristiano Ronaldo or others not so famous, I have heard many successful people quoted as saying "I love it when people call me an overnight success. I practiced 12 to 16 hours a day to earn my success. It only took me years to become an overnight success."

Take a moment to really consider that statement! It took many years of doing what they knew the best did to make themselves exceptional in their field.

Do you want to be at the top? Do what the best of the best do--start acting like it!

So let's go back to January 1, 2020. Yes, New Year's Day...

Excitement filled the air regarding the opportunity to make this year the best year of your life. Did you set some resolutions and goals? Are you still committed to achieving them? Now is the time to make adjustments to those resolutions and goals and include the behaviors of those who are successful in each of those areas.

My challenge for you this week:

Start acting like the person that achieving your resolutions and goals will help you to become.

  1. For each of your goals, take five minutes of quiet time and visualize your lifestyle once achieved.

  2. Write down how you can act out your vision.

  3. Buy a calendar and place it in your bathroom.

  4. Before you turn in for bed, write on the calendar the word "yes" or "no" whether you acted out the behaviors that day which will lead to achieving your resolutions and goals.

Don't get discouraged if you were not able to put a "yes". A "no" self-evaluation should only motivate you to push yourself harder the next day.

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