Not Forward, Not Back

Today, I'm going to talk about something that you need to STOP doing!

Now for my regular readers this will be in stark contrast with some of my past articles where we have been talking about how to focus on and resolve the problems we have in our lives and how to use simple tactics that will help you start and keep moving in the right direction.

What we are going to talk about that you need to stop doing can actually be broken down into two things...and here they are:

Stop living in the past!

It doesn't matter if you have had a past full of trials and tribulations.

It doesn't matter if you have made more mistakes than a 2-year-old doing trigonometry.

It doesn't matter if your past was so full of glory and success that you revel in reliving those glory days.

The fact is that yesterday is gone forever and it is only the lessons that you have learned that will make a difference in your future success or failure.

Some of the finest people I know today were some of the biggest knuckleheads that ever lived when they were young. On the other hand, some of the most useless people I know were some of the high school and college heroes who spend more time living in the past than taking care of the present.

Stop living in the future!

I'm not saying that you shouldn't have dreams and plans for the future. They are important because they help keep you motivated and heading in the right direction. The problem comes when those who may be wonderful, well-meaning people talk for hours about all the things they hope to do or are going to do, yet when you see them next week, they are telling the same old story. They spend so much time living in the future they never make any progress in the present.

Here's the heart of the matter:

As I said above, the past is only important because, hopefully, that is where you learned the lessons that will help you find success and happiness in the future.

The future is only important because that is where you will realize the fruits of all the hard work that you do today.

The NOW is the most important thing you can focus on because it is the only thing you really have.

  • It is only in the NOW that you can actively make a difference.

  • It is only in the NOW you can put into action those lessons from the past that will build the future.

  • It is only in the NOW that you truly exist.

Do you want to gain control of your life? Do you want happiness and success? Make the most of the NOW and never waste a minute of it.

My challenge for you this week:

The challenge is quite simple and we'll place it within the context of being 19 days into the new year 2020!

As you approached and entered the new year, you did so with visions of a better year, and are therefore ready to take the following steps:

  1. Make a list of those things you wanted to improve.

  2. Rate the importance of each item on a scale of 1 to 5. "5" means it is "very important", "1" means it is "not very important".

  3. For any item on the list with a score of "4" or "5", list two action items you will hold yourself accountable to do that will advance them.

  4. To keep these action items in the forefront of your mind, make signs and place them in your bathroom, bedroom, car, and job space.

Now, use the power of NOW as a gift!

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