Everyone Needs to Lose Sometime!

There are some basic truths of life that, for whatever reason, have been forgotten by much of our society. In this week's article, we are going to deal with one of those truths because I believe that we can all benefit from getting back to them.

Here's the one I'd like to talk about today: One of the most valuable things that can happen to you is for you to lose.

For some reason, we have in our heads that we always have to win and that losing is a terrible thing. I say this is an error in our thinking.

Sometimes, winning comes easy; however, easy victories rarely teach you anything about yourself or how to truly become a successful person.

On the other hand, losing offers you the greatest opportunities to learn, grow, and develop.

Have you ever noticed how many boxers come on the scene with a red-hot winning streak? They win bout after bout, but then when they finally lose, they fade into oblivion. Why is that? Because, despite their early records, they never learned to pick themselves up after being knocked down. When they do lose, they find that the fall from the top is too hard for them. They would have been better served by losing early on when they were developing than after they had come to the false conclusion that they were a god incapable of failure.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who experience early life successes, but when they get hit with an unexpected blow they never quite gain the courage to get back up and relentlessly pursue their success.

We all have shortcomings and losing teaches you what those shortcomings are and what areas you need to work on improving. Losing teaches you to persevere. Losing teaches you to overcome. Losing shows you, in no uncertain terms, whether you truly have the warrior spirit that it takes to be a winner regardless the losses or setbacks.

To me, the fear of losing is one of the saddest conditions that I find among people. There are simply too many people who never try because they are afraid of failing. I say "go ahead and fail!" and "fall on your face!" because here's another simple truth: If you are afraid of losing, you are afraid of learning; If you never learn, you never grow.

Way back in 1937, Napoleon Hill once said: "Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit." Those words ring as true today as they did those many years ago.

Every failure carries within it the seeds of success. If you are unwilling to fail and unwilling to lose you will not only lose forever the opportunity to plant those seeds but also to watch them grow and flourish into the success that you could become.

My challenge for you this week:

Begin something today that you know you should do but have been avoiding because you were afraid that you would fail.

  1. What are some of the major losses you have experienced?

  2. What did you learn from those losses?

  3. How can you use those losses to plan action steps toward your true life goals?

  4. Write down your action steps and commit to taking those actions.

  5. Do a daily end-of-the-day assessment to ensure you are sticking to your plan.

Always act like the winner you are destined to be!

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