But Everyone Else Is Doing It!

For all of you who are regular readers, you realize that I see the world in simple terms. However, I am amazed that what seems so basic is missed by so many people. Those same people tend to make life complicated by avoiding the self-work that is necessary to improve their life.

Today, I am going to share a simple truth that will make your life less complicated and help you get more of what you want, whether it be more success, more money, or more happiness! Here it is:

If you do what everyone else does you will get what everyone else has. If you want more, then you have got to do more, or at least do it differently. You can't just follow the pack!

Right now, pause, and re-read that last paragraph six more times.

One of the greatest addictions people have is the misuse of time. I define this as a use of your time on things that do not lead to the things you desire in life.

Instead of catching up on the latest gossip with your family and friends, binge-watching television shows, or surfing the internet, you need to invest your time and energy in things that are going to profit you in the long run. As simple as it may sound, that is generally what will separate the haves from the have-nots and the stories of success from the stories of failure.

Now, I'm not saying that bad things don't happen or that those who find themselves in a bad spot have done something wrong or have it coming to them. What I am saying is that, over the long haul and as a general principle, our lot in life is determined by the choices that we make and the choices we make today will determine the details of our life tomorrow.

So, when bad things do happen in my life, I just view those setbacks as golden opportunities for a strong and heroic comeback--and I love happy endings to my life stories!

Years ago, I faced the unexpected death of my father. The details surrounding this created the need for me to resign my position in another state and move back to my hometown. See, my mother was ill and immobile so she needed additional care and attention. While I had been hearing rumors that the job market was tough and work was scarce, it was just one week after moving back that I was offered a new job in my career field.

Now, some would say I was just lucky, but I believe that luck had nothing to do with it. Why do I say that? Because, while most colleagues worked a regular work day, I routinely used my evenings to take professional development courses and attend workshops. While others were relaxing on the weekends, I was attending lectures and reading books. While others were distracted, I was adding new skills to my resume.

Get the picture? It's better to be an outcast in the pursuit of living your best life, than to be known for misusing your time and living a compromised life. If you want a better tomorrow, you have got to make the right choices today.

It's just like trying to overcome being overweight: You can't eat fast food and sit on your butt today and then expect to be healthy and have the look you really want tomorrow. You cannot "veg out" every night and honestly believe your life is just going to magically get better. And don't think that prayer is going to help you! Remember, the Bible says, "faith without works, is dead."

You can't do what everyone else does and think you're ever going to have a life that is any better than average.

My challenge for you this week:

Break away from the pack in your thinking, feelings, and behavior!

  1. Get out a piece of paper and do a self-assessment in these key areas: spiritual, health, appearance, financial, career.

  2. Rate each area either a "One" or "Two". "One" = I am below my desired level; "Two" = I am above my desired level.

  3. The areas rated a "One" will require persistent commitment and work!

  4. Make a self-pledge to devote time each day to improve in each area.

Every day you live is the time to bring your 'A' game!!

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