“Glenn is a tenacious leader and has an incredible work ethic. He is a professional who understands the "big picture" and includes that in all that he does. He is not a 9 to 5 person, the mission that he is working on becomes who he is. Glenn cares for the students and the employees working with him and for him. He is constantly looking to solve issues and find ways to prevent those same issues from arising in the future.”​
LaRoy, Senior Manager​

“Glenn is a phenomenal mentor, teacher, role model, and leader. He has been a benchmark in my life since my younger years. I have even choice certain paths in my life based on great examples such as Glenn. His consistent and succinct approach to business plus personal engagements has promoted a higher level of thought/action with everlasting impact, influence, and vision for a greater good. Glenn is highly recommended if you are looking for a leader to guide and drive to delivery beyond your expectations.”​
Cazzie, Technical Professional​

“Glenn is a gifted leader. From my time spent as a student at Oakland University to my growth into the professional ranks, Glenn has always been a tangible leader to me. He has always shared his time, knowledge, and guidance to help me in my personal and professional life. He has truly positively touched and shaped the lives of many while serving the students of Oakland University.”​
Idris, Distribution Manager​

“Glenn has proven to be an excellent leader and business resource over the 27 years that I have known him. Focused and highly committed to helping improve the lives of others. I would highly suggest the reading of his recently published self-help book "It's Time to Bring your A Game", a motivational aid for positive life changes.”​
Keith, Youth & Adult Resource Provider

"If you want someone to challenge you to be your best, Glenn is the one you need to know. We have had Glenn as a speaker on two separate occasions for our annual business conference. He recently spoke on the topic of "Don't Let the Odds Intimidate You: Be the Game Changer!" and he did an outstanding job. He was our first speaker of the conference and he set a great tone for our attendees to get motivated to learn what it takes to build a successful business. I look forward to having him back to speak again for another event and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker who can challenge their employees, students, members, or others to bring their A-game to their personal or professional lives."

Mark, Business Development Professional​